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Our Family

Pastor Kevin Adams is the Lead Pastor of New Life Church.  Born in Washington, D.C. he is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, and has served in ministry for over 30 years including over 15 years as President of the Spirit of Faith Bible Institute in Temple Hills, Md.

He and his wife of over 30 years Pastor Melody, moved to New York city in 2014, and launched NLC in 2015.  They are the proud parents of two lovely daughters Asia and Ashley.  They have a son-in-law Domonick Davis (married to their eldest Asia) and they have two grandchildren, Aiden and Logan Davis.

Pastor Kevin’s teachings emphasizes these four tenants, Faith, Family, Fellowship and Finances.  Strong families create strong churches which in turn help to produce strong communities.

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God wants every believer to connect with a Pastor

Ephesians 4 teaches that Jesus died, went into hell and then was raised from the dead. Then He (Jesus) gave gifts unto men, one of which is a Pastor, not a church. The Pastor is one who will have God’s heart and is called by God to feed the flock with knowledge and understanding of His Word (Jeremiah 3:15). When you become a Christian, you are already a part of the church, but you are to connect to a local body of believers that is led by a Pastor, one who will have God’s heart, and HIS vision for a particular community and geographical area.

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